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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 3, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> kevin chooses the whale video. he says i can only imagine how exhilarating that would be. >> the winner was the whales chasing the boat. the motorcycle is second and the alley-oop is third. >> "fox & friends" starts now. bye! >>gretchen: friday. tgif everyone. hope you're going to have a great day. good morning. may 3 for you today. i'm gretchen carlson. good riddance. protesters line up as the bomber's body is moved from the funeral home. we know now the bombing was not supposed to be at the marathon at all. >>steve: the state department investigating its own report trying to find out who bungled, and if they did bungle the benghazi investigation and why key witnesses were never talked to. what's up with that? >>brian: holy outrage, batman.
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fate costing one high school track team its victory after a runner thanked god for winning the race. disqualified. "fox & friends" begins right now. >>gretchen: what was that? >>steve: a horse perhaps. >>gretchen: i thought it was somebody squeezing in their body or something. >> that was chris. he didn't have breakfast this morning. >>gretchen: it's kentucky derby. you can tell clayton is young because he's looking at his mini ipad without any bifocals. >>steve: they are next to him. >>gretchen: there they are! hello santa! because the print was literally minuscule. >>clayton: nice to see you guys this morning. >>steve: brian taking the day off to start his
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three-day weekend early. thank you for joining us. we start with news. >>gretchen: while you were sleeping this happened. an oil tanker exploded forcing people out of their homes in the middle of the night. an oil holding tank near baton rouge resulted in a flames seen shooting 30 feet in the air. >> we were getting the babies out of the car and we heard a big explosion. it almost knocked my wife down. it is kind of crazy. she didn't know what was going on. >>gretchen: the cause of the blast is being investigated. now there are no reports of injuries. >> the governor of california pushing a plan to release violent inmates from jail. he filed a plan late last night to speed up release for some inmates for good behavior while allowing those with violent history to become fire fighters. the reason? a lot of overcrowding in the prisons out in california. the state plans to appeal that proposal. >> the nation's biggest
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bunker busting bomb reportedly getting a makeover to combat the growing nuclear threat from iran. the u.s. sees it as a key weapon to assure israel we could deliver it as a knockout blow. the bomb has upgraded guidance systems for precision. >> the supreme court ruled obamacare is constitutional but one state reporting it is a crime. the freedom of information will ban state employees from enforcing the law on grounds it is not constitutional in south carolina. if officials enforce it they will face heavy fines and even jail time. >>steve: we've got video for you of the hearse
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leaving the boston medical center. in that hearse is the body of tamerlan tsarnaev. it is bound for north adelboro, massachusetts. protesters are waving a flag because they do not like the fact that the bomber will be in their town. >>gretchen: the wife finally released the body because she was next of kin. it was my understanding that his
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tamerlan and dzhokhar were sort of celebrities. people were rounded up and questioned as a result of his involvement. >>steve: there were people that dated dzhokhar for awhile.
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she said he was adorable. they had a two-month fling but ultimately she broke it off. but they idolized them. one of the reasons was he was the guy who sold a lot of pot. in particular, one of the kids who idolized him was one of the kids who reportedly got his backpack and secreted it somewhere else. when you connect the dots and you try to figure out what to do with immigration in this country is apparently w-ft kids was on a -- one of the kids was on a student visa but was not in school. and when he went away and came back in, they let him in because the system is broken. here's karl rove. >> most of americans think that the illegal immigrants among us all swam across the rio grande river or came across the desert of the united states. in reality somewhere between 40% and 50% of the people in here illegally came in here legally on a
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visa and overstayed their visa. absolutely this is a problem, highlights a problem in our current immigration laws. >>gretchen: this involves immigration. this involves the most -- not the most wanted list, but the watch list. apparently there are 850,000 people who are on this main data base, and then they're filtered down in the f.b.i. or the c.i.a. for closer attention. and we discussed this right after the boston bombings. what were the signs that were missed or could it be there are so many people they are watching and this is such a pervasive problem that it is too difficult to get your hands around. >>clayton: it was all of these different watch lists after 9/11 they combined into one thing. you've got little kids on this watch list. remember senator ted kennedy was on the watch list at one point. he couldn't fly. you're on the terror watch list. senator kennedy. >>steve: let's talk a
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little bit about benghazi. as it turns out, the inspector general at the state department is looking into that blue panel -- rather the blue-ribbon panel that took a look at what happened. it was headed up by former u.n. ambassador thomas pickerring and former joint chiefs admiral mike mull len. they tried to figure out what happened wrong. in the end they said systemic failures in leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels -- below hillary clinton -- were to blame for the inadequate security at benghazi. it looks like hillary and other high-ranking officials off the hook. the problem was they did not talk to a lot of the people who actually knew what happened. >>gretchen: the key witnesses -- in this past week we've been talking about these whistle-blowers who want to come forward but for whatever reason can't get attorneys -- to get through the red tape to represent their stories. then you hair mr. carney -- then you hear mr. carney,
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jay carney, we heard him say that benghazi happened a long time ago. why get back into the little details of exactly what happened. well now, will this inspector general report actually reveal more information as well as hearings that are going to happen next week? >>clayton: if they came forward and wanted to speak and they weren't allowed to speak, so this never went on the record, so if the inspector general report comes out people wanted to talk about what unfolded there and they weren't allowed to, that is a bombshell. meanwhile ambassador bolton weighs in on this particular issue because he says we need to be very aware of what these people are saying. listen. >> i've been trying to think through why the inspector general would be reviewing an a.r.b. like this. i've never heard of any kind of investigation like this before. why was the state department inspector general spun up about this?
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were people denied the ability to testify to the a.r.b.? and, by the way, fundamentally getting right to the real truth of this, what did these individuals who were on the ground in libya actually see and do? they are the ones with the most important information. forget the bureaucratic turf wars at issue here. if the administration really has nothing to hide, let them testify. what could they possibly be afraid of? >>steve: somebody who's going to testify next week is represented by joe digenova, and his wife was on the program in the last week or so as well, on the channel yesterday. one of the people he represents who is a department of state employee was not interviewed and called the state department report a coverup. what he reveals next week should be pretty good. >>clayton: in our 8:00 hour, geraldo rivera will weigh in on the details as well. >>gretchen: here's a high school guy, parts of a
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relay team racing. they're trying to qualify to move on to another level. when he gets to the end of the race, he does a certain gesture which some people would think was doing something about god. he raises his hands. guess what happens as a result? apparently he was disqualified from the race. >>steve: it happens in columbus, texas. the guy shadowed is derrick heys, the anchor man in the race. it was their biggest win of the year. they won by over seven yards according to the superintendent. but what he did at the end -- and we don't have the exact image -- he put his hand up by his ear and pointed to the heavens. and his father says that he believes he was giving thanks to god for winning. they were disqualified because the superintendent says it's against the rules to raise your hand in any way. here's the dad. >> he put his hand by his
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ear and just pointed at the heavens. >> for something like that to happen to a team, to get to a point like that, especially at that level of competition, something like that has got to be painful for the team, coaches and everybody involved. >> something so simple, something not meant to be hurtful or harmful to anyone can be taken out of context can hurt your team. >>gretchen: it is so ridiculous. >>clayton: you think about the nfl. the excessive celebration, no one wants to see a five-minute dance. >>gretchen: they get maybe a penalty. to be totally disqualified from the race for doing this. >>steve: they lost, and they were going to qualify for the states and they're not going to. what do you think? e-mail us. >> the six letters that created a twitter explosion. who created 115,000
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>> i just see a huge train wreck coming down. you have discussed this many times and i don't see results yet.
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>>gretchen: that was max baucus, one of the key architects of the president's law, shocking officials about the implementation of it. now senator harry reid says he might be right. listen. >> max said unless we implement this properly it's going to be a train wreck, and i agree with him. >> we're not spending enough money and not implementing it properly, in your opinion? >> yes. here's what we have now. j.d. we have the menu but we don't have any way to get to the menu. >>clayton: stuart varney is here from fox business network. tell me this is clear sailing. >> this is chaos. you can see it coming a mile -- >>clayton: what are they most concerned about in the implementation here? >> they haven't written all the rules. you've got to start enrolling people in these insurance exchanges october 1. that is when everything starts. about half the states have refused to set up exchanges, so there's total limbo right there. secondly, you've got
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medicaid. there's a big expansion of medicaid coming with obamacare. the rules for getting on to medicaid have been expanded dramatically. millions expected to go on to medicaid because of obamacare. only 20 states have said yes to this expansion. the rest have said no or have not decided, and time's running out. you've got the exchanges not set up, rules not written, medicaid totally uncertain. that is chaos because obamacare is almost on us. >>gretchen: and you've got tons of small businesses who haven't made the decision about what they're going to do. >> they don't know. they don't know the rules. >>gretchen: the pages are insurmountable to get to. what i caught in the harry reid statement is that we need more money to implement it. what? >> he wants more money. spend more. >>clayton: for what? advertising? >> for implementation. as he said, we've got a menu. we know where we want to go. that's the food that's available down the road.
3:20 am
but we haven't got enough money to get there. >>gretchen: the whole thing about obamacare was it's supposed to be more cost effective for all of us. we're going to save our own doctors but our costs were going to go down. >> the three of us at fox went through this together in the early days. we were going to reform health care so we could get the cost of health care down. and the cost of insurance, get it down and it would be more available to everybody. we've had the exact opposite. the cost of delivery of health care, the cost of health care itsele straight up. and everybody is affected. we've done the opposite of what we intended to do under obamacare. chaos. >>clayton: not on your show. 9:20 eastern time, fox business network. >>gretchen: next on the rundown, the dirty secret about antibacterial soap. efrbg -- everything you thought you knew may be wrong. and that's why it's bad for
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>>gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. some quick headlines for you. a popular professor suddenly collapses and dies. this morning we're learning she had toxic levels of cyanide in her blood. investigators don't think dr. autumn marie klein took her own life. they're treating her death as a homicide. police are using subpoenas to track the movement in and out of the lab where her husband worked. >> major recall. nestle pizza company recalling some of its popular brands of pizza.
3:25 am
and california pizza kitchen. all the pizzas being recalled were made between february 26 and march 9. steve, over to you. >>steve: somebody likes a lot of pizza. college kids. and college kids ready to put on their caps and gowns, but they may be met with more than just a diploma upon graduation as student debt and underemployment meet poor marks. are there still benefits to getting the bachelor degree? joining us is william bennett, former secretary of education and author of "is college worth it?" so, is college worth it? >> it all depends. depends on who's going, where they're going, what they're studying, whether they persevere in the end. if all the kids who start
3:26 am
college, four-year college, about half of them drop out. >>steve: two thirds who go to a four year college right out of high school should do something else. >> given the evidence, that's right. you have that large dropout number, almost 50%. and a lot of people go and don't get jobs. they end up in debt and don't have jobs. obviously a lot of people who go should go. you go to great schools, major in the right subjects, fine. but people are not looking at it in a straightforward way. they just assume it is the obvious thing to do. who knew, for example, that if you go to the jefferson college of health in virginia, a two-year program, when you graduate, you make more money when you go to the university of virginia in charlottesville. >>steve: something else you talk about in your book is a lot of what is taught in college regarding humanities, social sciences, is garbage. >> it's politically correct, to say the least.
3:27 am
and garbage to say something worse. one of the books we do in the book is chart ratio democrats to republicans. 27 to 2, 34 to 3. at one college it is 53 to zero. they couldn't tolerate any republicans in the family. we still think if kids get out and we pay the tuition and they get a good job, it's all worth it. a lot of them aren't getting those jobs. >>steve: a lot of families watching, their kids are going to college, thinking about going to college. what advice for them? >> look at the book. it is a nuanced approach to college. we talk about certain kinds of colleges and universities that make sense, the programs that make sense. we list colleges that are great values. we list colleges that are not so great values. we have a number of scenarios which we think people will identify that
3:28 am
will tell them whether they should make this move or not. >>steve: i told you i read it last night. i wish i would have read it before i sent three kids to college because it is terrific. the book is called "is college worth it." you can go to you've got an app on that topic right there right now. straight ahead coming up, who is in the house? the six letters that created a twitter explosion. we're going to tell you who got 115,000 followers in just two hours. >> plus anna's off to the races. she is's in churchill downs. good morning. >> good morning to you, steve. good morning to everybody at home. the horses are out stretching their legs here at churchill downs. we'll talk to a legendary trainer and former jockey trainer and former jockey next.
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one toviaz pill a day significantly reduces sudden urges and accidents, for 24 hours. if you have certain stomach problems or glaoma, or can not empty your bladd, you should not take toviaz. get emergency medical help right away if your face, lips, throat or tongue swells. toviaz can cause blurred vision, dizziness, drowsiness and decreased sweating. do not drive,perate machinery or do unsafe tasks until you ow how toviaz affects you. the most common side effects are dry mouth and constipation. talk to your doctor about toviaz. ♪ you raise me up >>gretchen: an emotional shot of the morning. the one world trade center spire being lifted into
3:33 am
place. >>steve: aoeufrpb -- it will be the tallest building in the western hemisphere standing an symbolic 1,776 feet tall. 1776, the year our nation was born. we have been waiting a long time for that. >>gretchen: fantastic. meantime, soccer referee in a coma after a 17-year-old player punched him after a disputed call. the man's family said he called the team for a foul and gave him a yellow card. the kid furious over the call, ran over to the ref and punched him. the family says this isn't the first time he has been assaulted on the field. the teen is currently in juvenile detention. >>clayton: hurtful or harmful? a germ-killing ingredient
3:34 am
found in most antibacterial products is said to be dangerous. the decision is sure to have a major impact on the antibacterial industry. >>steve: maybe the germs weren't so bad after all. >> meanwhile, this fraud poses after a marine for over a year to make her life easier. allison ramer took to social media posting she took a bullet so we could all be free and that she had a bomb blown up in her face to preserve our luxuries. come to find out, she never served a day in her life. she made it all up so she could get discounts and find work easier. veterans understandably outraged. >> to hear that someone would do that, that they would rely on the valor of other people that bled, sweat, lost their lives, and to steal that valor is completely unacceptable.
3:35 am
>>steve: rammer pled guilty after she went so far as to pose use a marine on her foster parent application. you know what? that's a federal offense. she is in trouble. >>gretchen: the oracle of omaha on-line. he has now gone on twitter, buffett already has more than 260,000 followers. no doubt people looking for a little financial tips. his first tweet: warren is in the house. come on, warren, put some financial help on your twitter. >>steve: i.b.m. at 23. that's what we want. >>clayton: move the whole economy that way. >>gretchen: tomorrow marks the 139th running of the kentucky derby and our own anna kooiman is there checking out the action. will she get on a horse, though? good morning. >> good morning to you, gretchen and good morning to everybody at home.
3:36 am
about 20 horses are going to be posting up about 6:20 tomorrow night for the 139th running of the roses here at churchill downs. we sent the horses out. they're stretching their legs, doing a run around a quarter-mile track. the weather is not expected to be fantastic. i've been listening to the local meteorologist saying it will be in the 70's today for the kentucky oaks. and then on saturday for the actual derby, when the colts race, it is going to be in the 50's or 60's and scattered showers as well. but i want to bring in a legendary trainer and former jockey. good morning to you, wayne. how is that going to be affecting the race on saturday? >> some horses like an off track and some don't. it would be nice if it was a fast-racetrack and everybody had an equal run. we can't control the weather. >> you've had a horse in the actual kentucky derby.
3:37 am
how are the jockeys performing and preparing at this moment? >> they prepare nervously. at the end, the 11th hour is always a tough hour. you want to get to the race. you prepared all year long. hopefully you get in the race and you want everything to go well for the race, to get in the starting gate and go. >> are they working out their nerves? how do they do that? >> some are experienced, some of them not so experienced. it depends on where you're at. >> the favorite right now is orb. if he wins, he would be the shortest name for the kentucky derby champion since 1923 when zeb won. how fluid is that? >> that is not that fluid at all. >> being a favorite, how fluent is that? >> you like to be the favorite, have a good chance going in. >> things can change. >> always. >>steve: anna, can you
3:38 am
explain why do people wear big floppy hats? why do people wear the big hats at the derby? >> it's all about the pomp and circumstance, steve. today is the day everybody wears pink because the phillies race, the female horses. it's not just the hat. it's about the seersucker, the celebrities and everybody comes out as well. >>steve: thank you very much. you know what, clayton, with the tag in the front, clayton, you kind of look like minnie pearl. >>clayton: when i go to the kentucky, i'm such a big celebrity, i have to cover face. >>steve: maria molina is outside. you look very glamorous with the great big black hat. >> thank you. like anna was mentioning, we are expecting showers as we head into tomorrow. during the race there is about a 90% chance of
3:39 am
showers. keep that in mind if you're doing betting tomorrow. the race start time, should be about 54 degrees. winds out of the east at 5 to 10 miles per hour. where we need rainfall is across southern california. we've had a number of wildfires. we have video where farm equipment actually exploded. wildfires ongoing across this area. the bad news as well is we're looking at very strong winds spebted out here. yesterday -- expected out here. yesterday we saw wind gusts in excess of 60 miles miles per hour. red flag warnings are in effect across parts of southern california and sections of arizona. otherwise, the other big story we've been talking about is the snowfall. we broke a record today, or set a record in arkansas. this is the first time you actually recorded snow during the month of may.
3:40 am
incredible stuff out here. very unusual. more than 15 inches of snow recorded across parts of minnesota and parts of colorado actually. up to 28 inches recorded in some of your areas. 15 inches in parts of wyoming and nebraska. 8.5 inches in delton. new york city, a perfect day to wear a floppy hat. sunshine, 64 did -- 6 # 4 degrees for the high. >>steve: very nice. >>gretchen: there she is. >>steve: who are you pointing at? >>gretchen: anita, she is going to help us out. next on the shoerbgs a huge hollywood -- next on the show, find out who will play murdered navy seal
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just byol. find us in frozen. >>steve: got quick friday morning headlines for you from the control room. the doctor who helped find osama bin laden is on a hunger strike in a prison in pakistan. he has been denied access to his family and his legal team as well. his next court date was pushed back to june. family members fear afridi is running out out of hope and time. >> bradley cooper is playing late navy seal chris kyle. kyle was killed by somebody who tried to help at a shooting range. gretch, over to you. >>gretchen: it's been called the hardest ten days in the army. imagine carrying 35 pound of gear, propelg and running a grueling course for ten days.
3:46 am
our next guest did it and what's more, he became the first amputee to complete the army's grueling school. he joins me from nashville. good morning, sergeant. congratulations on this amazing accomplishment and thank you so much for his service. >> appreciate it. thank you for having me here. >>gretchen: i would love to know what inspired you to want to become the first amputee to go through this grueling, grueling program. >> back in january i was major platoon sergeant and i didn't feel right sending my soldiers to aerosol school. i kind of feel like a hypocrite if i didn't go and sent my soldiers. >>gretchen: we're watching video of you going through this very intense program. explain exactly what it takes to complete this program. >> it's a ten-day course. on the first day you have to do an obstacle course
3:47 am
that has nine obstacles there. after that you have to do a two-mile run. you do aircraft safety. the second phase, you want to have a single load to the aircraft to make sure that the aircraft can fly safety. at the very end you do a 12-mile march and rappellsing. >>gretchen: 2006 in afghanistan is when you lost your leg. how did that happen? >> in 2006 i was in kandahar in a temporary patrol base. i was hit with an r.p.g. and mortar rounds. >>gretchen: which part of your leg was destroyed at that point? >> my right leg, about six inches above my ankle. it pretty much was a
3:48 am
clean-cut. a mortar round landed at my stomach and to my left side, my left leg. >>gretchen: we're seeing pictures of you there with your prosthetic. i understand not only did it take a lot of mental ability to finish this test and go through yourth program but you also -- go through this program but you broke your prosthetic device? >> yes. on the very first day my leg was trying to fall off. on the very last day i lost all suction. i carry extra parts and fixed it there on the spot. >>gretchen: what have you heard back from fellow soldiers? >> my platoon, fellow soldiers, they are really proud of me.
3:49 am
it inspired some of the guys to go to air assault school. >>gretchen: we see a picture of your young daughter and now you have another child on the way. what kind of inspiration do you feel you can give to the boston bombing victims, losing limbs and it is so emotional to see and give those people hope as well. >> you can do -- whether you're in the hospital or just released, the key is your physical therapy. put 110% into your physical therapy and you can do anything you want. >>gretchen: you've gone on the record saying it's not a disability as long as it doesn't get in the way. i'm going to leave it at that. i'll just say hats off to you.
3:50 am
congratulations. what an honor. >> thank you. >>gretchen: what do you think about that? remember this? our parallel parking challenge. the highlights, the lowlights, the crashes and all the other awesome stuff you may have missed that week. i did a speech right after that. a lot of people said hey, you parked. fantastic. plus, you're about to hear exactly what reese witherspoon says the night she was arrested. it's a lot worse than first reported.
3:51 am
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>>gretchen: welcome back. from parking challenges to
3:54 am
grooming tips, it was a fun week on "fox & friends." >>steve: just in case you missed any of it, we've got a recap. watch. >>steve: it could be the worst parallel parking job in history. can we do better? >> slowly turn the wheel. >>gretchen: brian! >> 23 inches. a little bit different over there. this is one time in which we don't want to win the war. >> global warming, i bought into the whole thing. what happened? >> i pulled the wrap, so here goes. >>gretchen: my goodness. i like this guy. >>brian: what just happened? >>gretchen: i have no idea. >>brian: why do i always get these contentious -- >>gretchen: you're good at them. >>steve: anna kooiman is live in nashville on her sweetest assignment ever.
3:55 am
>> oh no! >>brian: olympic gold medalist gabby douglas is here. you look good, man. >>steve: that's larry hagman. >>brian: what are you smoking? >> i can't tell you. it's against the law. >>brian: you would change the grade on your report card? >> yes. >> married only for the day. >>brian: he was hoping for the honeymoon. >>gretchen: gentlemen, put down the razors. a new study finds women prefer men with heavy stubble, but it's not good for other things. >> what other things? >>gretchen: kissing. >>brian: i never kissed someone what beard; i'll be honest. >> maybe we'll come on on a wednesday morning with a little stubble. >> we can't say gretchen is a pretty woman that has
3:56 am
nice legs? >>gretchen: thank you. >> good. good. great. great. >>clayton: what a week. are you going to grow a beard now? >>gretchen: he'll have one by the end of the show. >>steve: absolutely. >>clayton: it takes about an hour to grow a beard. >>steve: anna kooiman is at churchill downs at the kentucky derby. how many miles have you logged this week, anna? >> i don't know. our viewers send me facebook messages all the time. i hope you have sky miles with these different air miles. i'm sore from that wedding workout i had to do yesterday. >>clayton: i was sore just watching it. any kind of working out. >>clayton: any time you've got a workout where you wear a blindfold, be wear. >>steve: coming up here on the shoerbgs she's the first -- coming up here on the show, she's woman ever to be put on the
3:57 am
f.b.i.'s terror list. >>clayton: a helicopter makes a landing right on a guardrail. details behind the video details behind the video straight head.ed in a ketchup ge with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care, for you or your family. [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health. to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock?
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4:00 am
swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's friday, tgif! yea! may 3. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. it's a very unusual move. the state department investigation, they're investigating their own now trying to figure out who bungled the benghazi investigation and why key witnesses were apparently skipped over. >> clayton: protesters lining up at the dead bomber's body is moved from a funeral home. new details emerging about the boston marathon. apparently wasn't the original bombing target. we'll tell you what was. >> steve: you've seen this mug shot. now we're seeing reese witherspoon in action. cue her. >> i'm a u.s. citizen.
4:01 am
i can ask any question i want to ask. you better not arrest me. are you kidding me? >> steve: yeah. that's reese witherspoon arguing with a cop. believe me, there is much more and it is worse. "fox & friends" hour two for friday starts right now. >> steve: kentucky derby edition of "fox & friends" live from new york city and churchill downs. good morning to you. >> clayton: hi. brian is taking the day off. >> gretchen: i have some technology questions. >> clayton: i have some tech questions for you. >> steve: he's our official geek squad. >> gretchen: my goodness. one time you had to come all the way to my house to help me. >> clayton: it's never an easy question with gretchen. she's like, i got this one computer i haven't touched for
4:02 am
20 years. it's got this weird bug. >> gretchen: i want to keep you on your toes. >> steve: she wants to you fix that 20-year-old computer so she can play pong. >> gretchen: actually it's not quite 20 years old. he has to help me try and get pictures on to my ipad so i can do a speech and show the pictures at the same time. that is the dilemma. meantime, let's get to some of your headlines now because we have a fox news alert. military plane has gone down. it's home to a base our forces use to transition in and out of afghanistan. we're told rescue teams are racing to the scene and the plane broke into three pieces. it's not yet known how many people were on board or if there are any survivors. another developing story, an oil tank exploded in louisiana, forcing people out of their homes in the middle of the night. an oil holding tank near baton
4:03 am
rouge erupted in a fire ball. flames seen shooting 30 feet into the air. >> we were just sitting out here getting the babies out of the car and heard a big explosion and come up over and they said one of the holding tanks exploded. it almost knocked my wife down. it was crazy. she didn't know what was going on. >> gretchen: the cause of the blast is being investigated. right now there are no reports of any injuries. also while you were sleeping, the governor of california pushing a plan now to release violent inmates from jail. governor brown filed a plan late last night to speed up the release of some inmates for good behavior while allowing verse with a violent history to become firefighters. the reason is to try and ease overcrowding. the state plans to appeal the controversial proposal. the nation's biggest buster bomb getting a makeover to combat the growing nuclear threat from iran. the u.s. see it is as a key weapon to convince israel that we could deliver a knockout blow to iran's heavily guarded top nuclear site.
4:04 am
the redesigned 30,000-pound bomb has upgraded guidance systems for precision and high-tech equipment that let's it evade iranian air defenses. amazing video of a helicopter pilot landing on top of a highway guardrail. the person who shot it said the chopper was dropping the doctor off scene of a crash. he said he's done better. >> clayton: they need to make a tv show of that guy. >> steve: we've got new video to show you this morning of the boston bomber. inside that hearst, the body of
4:05 am
tamerlan tsarnaev. released last night, bound for an islamic funeral home. they received the body. as you can hear, 50 demonstrators shouting, waving flags. they don't like the fact that that dead bomber's body is in their town. >> clayton: right. they thought it was an affront, that how could this community-based funeral home, take in the body and prepare it for burial. we're learning more about the bombing itself, was never supposed to take place on patriots day in boston. a very special day, patriots day, in the boston area. during the boston marathon. but it just so happened that they had the bombs ready to go and they saw it as an opportunity, a bombing of opportunity. but it turns out date on which they were to set these things off, july 4. >> gretchen: which would make sense maybe they were building them with fireworks or maybe they needed the gun powder
4:06 am
within the fireworks to make it go boom in general. it's interesting that they also made these bombs in the basement of tamerlan's home and there has been a lot of speculation about how easy it is to find this information on the internet and there you have it, folks, that they apparently did it right in the basement of their home, which leads to yet another question of who else knew in that home? was tamerlan's wife, katherine russell, living in the home with their three-year-old child, did she know what was going on or was it just tamerlan? was it also dzhokhar over there building the bomb with him? remember, he told authorities, the 19-year-old who survived, that he only learned about this plot a week before they actually pulled it off. >> steve: how could she not know, the wife, that her husband was building a dozen bombs? >> gretchen: she was working 80 hours a week. >> steve: but still, it is curious. honey, what are all those pressure cookers doing in the closet? we should point out that as they try to figure out what her role is, if any in this, and she
4:07 am
apparently did release the body yesterday to his side of the family, apparently we told you a couple days ago they found some fingerprints and dna on some of the bomb parts. they have done some reviews, checked her out. she's clear. she's not it. however, what's curious is in the last couple of days, she has stopped cooperating with the investigators. >> clayton: they said this before. they also checked out of the the brothers -- out the brothers a few months ago, cleared those individuals. can we know within a matter of a few days that she's clear, that she's done, that she's off the hook? >> steve: apparently her dna isn't there. but what is her role, if anything? we should point out that apparently these guys thought about becoming suicide bombers. they were apparently radicalized on-line, inspired by al-awlaki, the guy who was droned in 2011. there is no suggestion they ever met him, but they watched him on-line. they were inspired as well just like the underwear bomber was by
4:08 am
him. >> clayton: let's turn our attention to another bombshell, the benghazi attacks. you remember the state department review that came out a number of months ago which basically cleared hillary clinton, but it looked like people underneath her were to blame for some of the mismanagement and not getting the assets there on time. but now there is another investigation. inspector general's report looking at this state department review. another bureaucracy looking at bureaucracy because where key -- were key witnesses told to keep quiet? were their testimony ignored in that state department review? maybe ten, maybe 20 individuals who were told to keep quiet. we don't want to hear it. >> gretchen: this comes on top of the news earlier this week that there are four whistle blowers who do want to come forward within the state department or the c.i.a. but getting counsel, getting them access to the records that they need to see to represent them has been a difficult task with this administration. at least that's what the attorneys are saying and here is one of them.
4:09 am
>> the accountability review board that was conducted by ambassador pickerring and admiral mullen will be proven to have been a cover-up, one of the worst jobs in the history of governmental reporting, didn't even interview the secretary of state for their report and how you can do a benghazi investigation and not interview the secretary of state and not interview a series of people who were intimately involved in benghazi, asked to be interviewed and were declined to be interviewed. the benghazi report by pickerring and mullen is a cover-up. >> steve: coming up in the next hour, geraldo will be with us. that is part of his exclusive interview. what's interesting is the benghazi story, after it looked like it was on the back burner for a very long time, is gaining
4:10 am
speed again and part of it was the tact that the president of the us husband a press conference a couple days ago and ed henry asked him about victoria toensing's story and she asked about there are witnesses who are being threatened. if you come forward, you're going to get into big trouble. the president said, i don't know anything about it really. i haven't heard anything about that. then jay carney said, benghazi, an old story. >> clayton: old news. this seems to be, if you listen to karl rove, he says, this is the way that the main stream media played the bill clinton whitewater scandals, as these were unfolding, bill clinton would say or press secretary at the time would say, this is an old story. we've been through this. this is an old story. there is no news here. and karl rove wondering if they did get this information right. this is not old news. in fact, this is new news. that's what news is. listen. >> i think jay carney made a huge mistake this week he basically signaled to the members of the press that a cover-up was underway. when he said, oh, that's old
4:11 am
news, this is -- >> that happened a long time ago. >> that happened a long time ago, that was a clear message to the media, boys and girls, we want you to go along with us on this. we're going to try and bury this. i think it will have the opposite reaction. i think it will say this may be worthy of our attention. >> gretchen: wow. that's a really interesting point. when i heard jay carney say that, it was one of those moments where you take breath back and go, wait a minute, what did he just say? that's old news? i don't think it's old news to the four families who lost people in that attack and still don't have the answers. those are the people that i think about when i think about this story. >> steve: there is no statute of limitations on murder. >> clayton: yeah. there is no statute of limitations on dash cam video. >> steve: there should be in reese witherspoon's case. >> clayton: this morning, reese who was pulled over and got into an altercation with a police officer. the dash cam video has been released from that arrest. there is the mug shot, of
4:12 am
courser taken at police headquarters following this. here is a look at the dash cam video. listen. >> ma'am, what did i just tell you to do. >> i'd like to know what's going on. >> he's under arrest. >> i'm a u.s. citizen. i'm standing on american ground. i can ask any question i want to ask. you better not arrest me. >> yes, ma'am. >> are you kidding me? i'm an american citizen. >> i told you get in that car and stay there. >> i'm being arrested and handcuffed? >> yep. >> do you know my name, sir? >> i don't need to know. >> you don't need to know my name? >> oh, really? you're about to find out who i am. >> steve: i am june carter cash. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: she sounds like she's play ago movie role. at least she's authentic. >> steve: she also told the cop at one point, i'm pregnant and i need to pee. she was not pregnant and she -- >> clayton: did that excuse work? >> steve: no. >> clayton: 'cause i will try to use that excuse.
4:13 am
>> steve: her husband pled guilty to dui and she pled no contest to physical obstruction of another person. >> gretchen: i have to say, she did take the most beautiful mug shot ever. >> steve: i think you got to lock eyes with the camera otherwise it's not legal. >> gretchen: they knew who she was after that. >> steve: i guess so. >> gretchen: coming up, holy outrage, it was taken away after a runner thanked god for winning a race. are you kidding me? tell us what you think. >> clayton: bad news for obamacare supporters. bombshell, new study says giving people government health insurance may not actually make them healthier. dr. ben carson weighs in on that you hurt my feelings, todd.
4:14 am
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>> steve: bad news for democrats who support obamacare. a study out of oregon suggests that the government's health care push for all does not necessarily make people any healthier. this contradicting the liberal point of view and they're talking points in support of the president's affordable care act. dr. ben carson is director of pediatric neuro surgery at john hopkins university. he joins us now from baltimore. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: so we should point out this study applied to medicaid rather than private insurance,
4:18 am
but it does blow up essentially one of the liberal sides claims about people need more health care so they'll be healthier. >> it was a wonderful opportunity to do a good study because back in 2008 when oregon decided that they would make medicare available, there wasn't enough money to make it available to everybody, so they started a lottery and about 6,000 people were able to get it and they were able to compare those with the 6,000 people who weren't able to get it. look at the cost differences. what they discovered is, in fact, the people who received the medicaid spent more money, over $1,000 more, but they didn't have any significant increase in the physical health benefit. >> steve: yeah. exactly right. and so for people who are pushing obamacare, they don't want you to see the results of that study because that flies in the face of what they've been
4:19 am
pushing. >> we continue to find as the pages are turned and we learn more and more about it that it isn't all it was cracked up to be. and you look at all the taxes that are associated with it, you know. i'm particularly sensitive to this, taking care of children, the flexible spending accounts which people used frequently, particularly for special needs children, that amount that you can put into that has been drastically reduced. down to $2,500 now. you know, that can't even buy a good brace. >> steve: i know. >> people are being forced into a situation that i don't think anybody anticipated that they were going to be in. >> steve: and i think that's one of the reasons why max baucus, democrat from the great state of montana, who is retiring, one of the authors of obamacare, he said this thing, and implementing it, it's a train wreck. >> it really is. and all it would require is a little bit of humility to say, you know, it wasn't all it was
4:20 am
cracked up to be. let's go back to the drawing board. let's all work together. let's do it in a transparent way like we promised we were going to do in the first place. i think the lessons that have been learned along with the collective wisdom, we could come up with something pretty good. >> steve: yeah. you probably are right. but nancy pelosi said we got to pass it to find out what's in it. we're finding out what's in it, we don't like it. >> no, we don't. >> steve: dr. ben carson joining us today, he's 57 days away from retiring. is that guy happy or what? >> pretty happy. >> steve: bet you are. all right, thank you very much for joining us on this friday. have a great week. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead, she's the first woman ever to be put on the f.b.i.'s most wanted terrorist list. who is she and why the government wants her, next. and remember your high school picture? that is maria molina. very nice. kids now spending thousands on their photos.
4:21 am
but we are going to show you some ways to make the photos better that are not going to cost you a dime ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. it also repels most ticks before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick tt isn't repeed or killed may attach and make a meal of us. get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii!
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4:23 am
4:24 am
>> steve: a look at news by the numbers. $2 million. that's the new bounty for the first woman on the f.b.i.'s most wanted terrorist list. joanne chesmar escaped prison in 1979 and is a cop killer. six months, that's how long it took to begin demolishing one of the most iconic images from super storm sandy. this home swept in in new jersey and stayed there completely intact 200 feet from shore. they're finally taking it apart. and 450,000 bucks, that's how much this britney spears
4:25 am
impersonator in england has raked in pretending she's the singer. michaela weeks quit her waitressing job to play brittany full time. half a million dollars a year, i'd do it, too. but i can't. all right. gretch and clay, over to you. >> gretchen: it's big business, high school students are now spending thousands of dollars on professional hair and make-up for their school pictures. we're going to show you some very simple ways to make your photos picture perfect without spending a dime. >> clayton: joining us is the president of unique photo in new jersey, matt sweetwood. you don't want to disparage hiring professional photographers. >> if we want quality pictures you should hire a professional photographer. >> gretchen: let's see how much you can make fun of our high school photos. >> clayton: okay. >> gretchen: that's me. >> clayton: wow. >> gretchen: look at the little hand. [ laughter ] >> clayton: the hand issues
4:26 am
she's thinking. >> gretchen: look at my bangs! what happened? from a photo -- is there anything wrong with that? go ahead. be kind. >> gretchen: it's a picture you look at and then make fun of. >> gretchen: oh! >> clayton: that's gretchen. we just saw maria molina's photo. >> you're beautiful. >> clayton: kind of a boring shot, right? >> right. this is something that you can do yourself. you start with -- you do need a good camera, but you can do something very simple. people take the shots straight on. it's very boring. who knows whether he's even really playing soccer. he's just holding the ball. just move your body. take a different position on the shot, move the ball you and end up with an exciting shot. >> clayton: here was my high school graduation photo. take a look at this. this is embarrassing. >> gretchen: where are you? >> clayton: yeah. it's 30 feet away. my first car. my eyes are closed. >> gretchen: right. you're not even the main subject. i think the car might be more
4:27 am
interesting. >> gretchen: he was proud of his wheels. okay? let's look at this one because obviously lighting, i can see, is a big difference. >> right. you want to address appropriately. you'll be looking at a photo like this. this is typical of the sort of staged photos that you see people pay for today. they go out and she's not really dressed. you can see her feet. she's not in a comfortable position and the light is behind her. >> clayton: so she's completely washed out because the light is behind her, back lit. >> that's right. >> clayton: you want to face the sun. >> that's right. you want the sun at an angle. you can see she's sitting in a more natural position and we made the background her friend, unlike where you have the car and the house. here the background backs your friend. >> clayton: also notice the telephone lines, power lines. >> that's right n. this photo, you have a telephone pole, but we defocused the background, which you can use the white apreponderance during. you want to defocus the
4:28 am
background so the subject because the main point. >> gretchen: here is how our graduation photos should have looked like, clayton. from this to this. what did you do? >> you want to make a memory. that was sort of the joke that i was making about your photo, is that you look at that and everybody sort of looks pained and they're sittingsitting thern a fake background. that captures the moment. that brings you back to the time she graduated, in a natural position. it brings you back to a way people will want to look at the photo. you're creating memories. that's really what you want to do is think your way through it and try to create a memory. >> clayton: that looks like a glamour shot like you get at the mall. >> that's right. that's something you can do yourself. once again, defocusing the background so that the person you want to take a picture of is really the main focus. >> gretchen: let's do the pose i did. >> clayton: i call it detaineey hand.
4:29 am
dainty hand. >> gretchen: holy outrage, one gesture costing a team. >> clayton: where weather did this giant rubber duck go? we're following it for you i'm over the hill. my body doesn't work the way it used to. past mprime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? i don't think so. new great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. new great grains protein blend. (announcer) at scottrade, our clto make their money do (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy. and my local scottrade office guides my learning every step of the way.
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4:33 am
>> president obama is in mexico right now. he'll be on hand to celebrate mexico's economic successes over the last few years. that's how it works now. see, if president obama wants to celebrate an economic success, he actually has to leave the country and go to another place because, yeah, that's the way it works. >> gretchen: ooo. that was a bit of a dig. >> steve: and president obama still in mexico this morning. that's where chief white house cor suspendent ed right now. it sounds like the president believes congress is inching closer to a deal, right? >> immigration reform, that's right. good morning. it's interesting because the president is in position now where as you know, this week he crossed the 100-day threshold to the start of his second term. he's largely empty handed on some of those big legacy items that he wants, like gun control, like a grand bargain budget deal. but he does believe he's inch closer to an immigration deal. he's been meeting with the mexican president and in a joint news conference yesterday, the president made clear that he
4:34 am
thinks this is his best opportunity to get a bipartisan deal in the days ahead. listen to what he said. >> we've seen leaders from both parties indicate that now is the time to get reform. >> marco rubio is saying the key on this trip is for the president to show he's serious about border security, that that's the only way he's going to get any conservative support for an immigration deal. senator rubio noting that he and other republicans have already given in a bit on a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the united states. here is senator rubio on border security. >> that's a major concession. in return, however, what we expect is to modernize our legal immigration system, to have in place e verify and entry-exit tracking system and 5 1/2 billion dollars of border security in addition to what
4:35 am
already is being spent. >> the president will give a major speech here in mexico in the next couple of hours, and then on to costa rica where he'll be attend ago central american summit. bottom line on immigration reform is the president is sort of cautiously optimistic right now that he's going to get a deal on this. his deadline is by the end of the summer. there is still a lot of work to be done on capitol hill to meet that deadline. >> steve: indeed. ed henry up before the sun in mexico, thank you very much for joining us today on "fox & friends". >> gretchen: thanks. >> clayton: he'll have egg. cell phone thefts on the rise. police say the crooks aren't the only ones to blame. the phone carriers are as well. several law enforcement agencies say the companies rely mostly on national stolen phone databases to deter thieves. but it's not that effective since the information can easily be changed and most stolen phones end up overseas anyway.
4:36 am
police say cell phones could fix the problem with technology, but so far they have not. >> steve: a well respected pennsylvania doctor collapses in her home. now we're learning she had toxic levels of cyanide in her blood. she was rushed to the hospital where she worked but could not be saved. homicide detectives are investigating how she was poisoned and they say they don't think she took her own life. police are searching her home and have issued subpoenas to track the movement of cyanide in and out of the lab where her husband works. >> this isn't your typical rubber ducky. that's not photo shopped. 594-foot high inflatable bird making an appearance in hong kong. it will spend the next month float not guilty the main harbor. it's already well traveled, having been in australia, japan, and it was designed by a dutch artist who wants it to spread joy wherever it goes. what's the next stop on the world tour? guess what, folks? drum roll, the united states.
4:37 am
fantastic. >> steve: so that's not a peking duck. it's a hong kong duck? >> clayton: today is the -- we're coming up on the first weekend in may. you know what that means, ladies and gentlemen. it's kentucky derby time. today is the day when the phillies get their time in the spotlight. it draws just as big a crowd. will the weather hold up? let's talk to maria molina who is outside on our plaza in a big beautiful hat. >> good morning, actually, brian said that because he's off today, i could borrow his hat. thanks, brian. >> steve: that explains it. >> the weather in louisville, we're expecting maybe a slight chance for a shower or a thunderstorm, but overall, looks like the weather should hold off for today. but tomorrow, much greater chance to be looking at precipitation. the track could be muddy during race time at 6:24 p.m. eastern time, some clouds and showers and a pretty cool day out there.
4:38 am
59 degrees for your temperature at the start of the race. that's something to keep in mind. the wind out of the east at 5 to 10 miles per hour. so the wind should not be an issue if you're wearing a hat. no concerns of it being blown away. in california, another big story is actually wildfires have been raging here. we have live pictures as well out of ventura county in california where a wildfire continues to burn there. we have strong winds expected. look at that. just ongoing out here. we had wind gusts yesterday in excess of 60 miles per hour. temperatures very hot. a little bit unusually hot for today, upper 80s across the area and into the 90s for some of you. we're expecting more of that today. red flag warnings are in effect and otherwise, the other big story, as we head inside, steve, gretchen and clayton, is the snow. we're talking about more than 15 inches of snow recorded in sections of minnesota. more than 28 inches in parts of colorado. and even for the first time ever, arkansas, the entire state of arkansas saw snow for the
4:39 am
first time in may. very unusual stuff. >> steve: indeed. >> gretchen: thanks so much, maria. holy outrage, did you hear about this story? texas officials disqualified this winning relay team, they were trying to get to the state championships after this runner right here apparently pointed to god. we don't have the actual image of that. but this is when he's getting the handoff there in the relay race. apparently pointed to god by putting his right hand and his finger up by his right ear. and that created apparently a big problem. i don't know if the school district has some sort of rule that you can't do any sort of celebrating, which would include this, but he was disqualified from the race as was his team and now they can not go to the state championship. >> clayton: a simple celebration, they won by their biggest margin of victory they ever won. comes across the finish line and points up to god in thanks. the father outraged and the coach as well reacting to this disqualification. listen. >> he put his hand by his ear and pointed at the heavens.
4:40 am
>> for something like that to happen to a team who has been working hard to get to a point like that, especially at that level of competition and for something to happen like that has got to be painful for the team, coaches. >> something so simple, something that's not meant to be hurtful or harmful to anyone can be taken out of context. it hurts your team. >> steve: so they were disqualified from going on to the state because they simply broke the rule and the rule was there can be no excessive active celebration, which includes raising the hands. by going like that, raised his hand. asked you about it. many e-mail, sarah wrote, going forward, i hope all coaches and students realize that there are consequences for breaking the rules and work to have that rule changed if there is truly no reason for it. good idea. >> gretchen: from georgia, says he may not have won the race, but he won my admiration. kind of a hard lesson sometimes for teens. it's hard for adults, too. maybe down the road he can see it that way. >> clayton: let us know what you
4:41 am
think. coming up here on the show, that's a bear in the driver's seat. does this guy want the food or the car? >> steve: then she ditched her family and went bumming around with homeless people for a week or two that led to 11 years on the streets. authorities spent time and money look for her. should this mom now have to pay back the authorities? arthur idala on the case coming up next. >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. >> steve: very nice. i don't make any decisions about who to hire without going to angie's list first. you'll find reviews on home repair to healthcare
4:42 am
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it's a whole new species of gator. right now, visit your dealer or to get $800 off the gator rsx850i.
4:45 am
>> clayton: welcome back. quick headlines. pope emeritus benedict 16 went back. roll up your windows and lock your car doors. cops say the door closed behind it and trapped it inside. the bear was removed safely and no one was hurt except being inside the car, which was destroyed. and he stole hootie and the blowfish cd out of the car. >> gretchen: not the bread cd? >> clayton: cake. >> gretchen: back to my era. this is a big story, folks. this woman, pen opinion mom,
4:46 am
went -- pennsylvania mom went missing for 11 years and turned herself in. brenda, thought to be dead, left her two children and husband behind to live with the homeless. she said she couldn't handle the pressure of a divorce and was struggling financially. does her family now have any legal recourse or can somebodiering -- can the police department sue her for looking for her? joining me now is fox news legal analyst arthur idala who i'm sure has an opinion on this. >> just take all my talking points! that's why i leave it a mystery! >> gretchen: i was wondering whether the police department would have a case. >> one detective who has kind of dedicated his entire career, 11 years of looking for this woman. yes. it's america, lapped of the free. -- land of the free. but if you have a car that you don't want anymore, can you leave it in the highway and walk away from it and cause all of these problems for everyone else? that's basically what she did.
4:47 am
she dropped her children, 12-year-old and eight-year-old off at school and just left everything behind. i mean everything. even her make-up, her hair brush, and just went to become a homeless person living on the beach, under a bridge, and you had the police look for her. you have her husband now who is reeling to take care of two children, and support them. look, if you open up a law book like i did last night, it's not like there is a direct cause of action. there is not like an obvious thing that jumps out at you criminally or civilly. but as a society, we need to hold people somewhat responsible for their actions and the ramifications of their actions. >> gretchen: look at the difference in the way in which she looked. >> oh, my gosh. >> gretchen: i have not seen a picture of what she looked like. apparently she was going through a divorce. look at the difference. she's obviously not had an easy life. i'm going to take the other side of the fence. >> 51% of america goes through divorce. they don't jump ship. >> gretchen: i understand. but what about if mental illness
4:48 am
plays into this? >> you cannily it -- obviously it does. i tell my jurors when i pick a jury and arguing with them, not advocating to them, i always say listen, the judge never told you to leave your common sense in the hallway, bring it into the courtroom. anyone bringing their common sense into a courtroom, it's either mental illness or drugs. one or the other, because a normal, reasonable person, which is the standard we kind of use throughout the law, would never do that. you don't abandon your children like that to go live under a bridge. >> gretchen: i'm not saying that i agree with it. i'm just wondering, if mental illness factors in, can you sue a person? do they have a case? >> let's be realistic. she was homeless. her family, i don't think has a case. not a legal case, emotional case. the police department, look, there has been plenty of precedent set where the police have asked -- have sued for and recovered the cost of prosecution or the cost of their
4:49 am
investigation, but a lot of times, that's when someone intentionally does something, like the run away bride and things of that nature. i don't know if the run away bride if the police recovered. but it doesn't look like she did anything intentional to mislead them. she just fell off the face of the earth. that's not cool. let's put it that way on a friday morning. >> gretchen: the family says they have moved on with their lives, the children and the ex-husband. >> gretchen: she was declared dead. arthur v a great weekend. >> you, too. enjoy the wonderful weather in the nor east. >> gretchen: looking forward to it. finally, right? >> yes. >> gretchen: there he goes with the italian. one of the most highly anticipated films of the year. but is it worth your dough? on this date in 1975, "he don't love you like i love you" by tony orlando and dawn, it was the number one song, and
4:50 am
unfortunately, arthur and i both remember it [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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4:53 am
>> go! >> i'm gonna offer a choice. do you want a new life or meaningful death? >> clayton: ben kingsley.
4:54 am
and tony stark and gwyneth paltrow, one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, "ironman 3" hits theaters today. just bought my tickets earlier this morning. >> gretchen: no way! >> steve: meanwhile, our own ironman joins us to give us his full review, plus insight into the making of the movie. kevin mccarthy. good day, sir. >> clayton: hey, kevin. >> good morning to you guys. clayton, it's geek out time, man. i'm excited for you to see "ironman 3", buddy. >> gretchen: why are you in london? >> i'm here because i'm getting ready to sit down with the cast of star trek into the darkness, as well as fast and furious 6, two massive summer block busters. "ironman 3" hitting the states today. already made $307 million world wide. comes out today, projected to do 160 to $180 million this weekend in the u.s. i had the rare opportunity to sit down with ironman himself, i wasn't supposed to get him, but i told him i was talking to you and i was able to.
4:55 am
so here is my interview with robert downey, junior and gwyneth paltrow. >> how are you doing, sir? >> i'm happy. >> can i have permission to geek out with you for a secretary? i want to geek out real bad. i love when you're pulling those pieces of armor towards your body, i know it's tgi what, does that look like on set? >> it looks like i'm in an incredibly focused mime session. >> out of all the characters you played in your career, which one would have the most fun in that suit and which would be the most disastrous. >> the man from chitty chitty bang bang would make a debauchle. i think chaplin would probably figure out how to do really cool stuff in it. it would be fun to watch. >> the shot when the missile hits the home and you're flying back in slow motion, what did it look like on set? >> there is a harness on you and you're on a squishy mat and the camera is behind, like way behind, and they just pull you
4:56 am
into the air and it's super, super slow motion. >> you have to focus on keeping a slow mo face? >> yeah. i actually thought about that. i was like, i want to keep my face relaxed so i'm not crazy. >> you do approve of the nerd tears. >> i live for nerd tears. >> thank you so much. >> clayton: what's the rating? >> i give it a 4 out of five. skip the 3d. it was not shot in 3d. stay after the credits. it's a a perfect balance of action and comedy. it's an incredible action movie. better than ironman 2, but not as good as iron man 1. go see it. >> gretchen: there is there a chick flick for me for next week? >> honestly, this movie, you get to see pepper pots, gwyneth paltrow's character, in this. this is for women and men. it's for everybody. >> gretchen: all right. i'll take you up on it. >> steve: give our best to spock. >> clayton: enjoy star trek. >> steve: straight ahead,
4:57 am
remember when the president said, you didn't build that? well now, americans are doing what the government can't. meet the organization that saved their air show after the sequester clipped the wings of the blue >> gretchen: geraldo next y could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. tgif. it is friday and it's my 3. i hope you're gonna have a great friday and great weekend. i'm gretchen carlson. the benghazi bombshells keep coming. were there witnesses that didn't get a chance to speak and could we expect more? >> the things that my client will be saying will be contradictory to what the administration scenario was about 9-11-12. >> gretchen: you know who got that interview? geraldo rivera, the exclusive and he's here with more to share. >> steve: an american hero story coming to the big screen and this morning new details on the huge hollywood star set to play the role of navy seal sniper, chris kyle. details straight ahead.
5:01 am
>> clayton: you've got to see this mug shot. if you haven't, here she is. that's reese witherspoon. now we're seeing her in a whole new light, in action. watch. >> i'm a u.s. citizen. i'm allowed to stand on american ground and ask any question i want to ask. >> go ahead. >> you better not arrest me. are you kidding me? >> no. >> clayton: then came the real bombshell. the must watch dash cam video, we'll show it to you. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> steve: i wonder if more people have seen that video and heard about her dustup with the cops than have seen her last movie. >> clayton: probably. >> steve: right. >> steve: not the role she was hoping for. >> gretchen: i think she handled it -- >> steve: she's not legally blond. >> gretchen: geraldo, she could have gotten away with the cops never knowing who she was because she had brown hair at the time.
5:02 am
>> steve: that's right. >> gretchen: she was the one who said -- i do think she handled it well. >> i tell my children this, two things you tell the cops, yes, sir and no, sir. >> steve: that's right. >> gretchen: i mean, she handled the apology well. she fessed you have and said look, i said a lot of stupid things, i'm really sorry. >> steve: she also said she was pregnant and i got to pee. >> gretchen: that was when she was intoxicated. i'm saying when she sobered up, she did handle it relatively well. usually hollywood stars have a bunch of handlers, right, who say oh, they had nothing to do with it. they changed the story, blah, blah. >> all i can say is i'm an american citizen and i demand the right to sit on this. >> steve: you're coming up in a minute. >> i'll be here. >> steve: we're going to sit here and listen to the headlines. >> gretchen: i hope it will be thrilling. a u.s. military plane has gone down. we're told the refueling plane crashed after taking off from a u.s. base. home to a base in minas. forces use it to transition in and out of afghanistan. rescue teams are racing to the scene.
5:03 am
we hear the plane broke into three pieces. it's not known how many people were on board or if there are any survivors. developing story this morning. oil tank exploded in louisiana forcing dozens of people out of their homes in the middle of the night. an oil holding tan near baton rouge erupted in a fire ball. flames seen shooting 30 feet into the air. >> we were just sitting out here getting the babies out of the car and we heard a big explosion and come up over there and they said one of the holding tanks exploded. it almost knocked my wife down. >> gretchen: cause of the blast is being investigated. right now there are no reports of any injuries. healthy or harmful? that's what the f.d.a. is determining after reports that the germ killing ingredients found in antibacterial products could be dangerous. a new study says it can be increase the risk of infertility, early puberty and other hormone issues. the decision sure to have a major impact on the
5:04 am
antibacterial industry and whether or not you let your kids use it 24/7. he was one of the hollywood's biggest stars signed on to play late navy seal chris kyle. bradley cooper will play the sniper. he was known as the most lethal sniper and shot dead by someone he was trying to help allegedly at a shoot range in the last couple of months. those are your headlines today. brand-new details about the boston marathon bombing. we're now learning it was a target of opportunity. the tsarnaev brothers were planning on a fourth of july attack instead. peter doocy live in boston with the latest. good morning, peter. >> good morning. as the tsarnaev brothers were building their bombs, they apparently had a time line in mind for when they would finish constructing the devices so they could carry out an attack. but as it turns out, they finished building the bombs a lot quicker than they had planned and this is according to
5:05 am
dzhokhar tsarnaev talking to authorities. so now national security sources are describing the finish line at the boston marathon here on boylston street as a target of opportunity. sources are also now telling us that these quickly built bombs were likely put together at tamerlan's house and the evidence of premeditation is clear because the bombers built at least four different types of ied's, all of which worked effectively and we're told most home grown terrorists typically just build one type of improvised explosive device. that's not all that's going on here in boston, though. last night the tsarnaev family finally claimed tamerlan's body. we watched from the sky as the hearst traveled from the medical examiner's office here in boston to dyer lake funeral home. but then the same hearst pulled out with a police escort and the funeral director there is just telling us that they're not doing the final arrangements.
5:06 am
their job is done. we had no idea where his body is at this point. it's a little bit of a mystery. back to you in new york. >> steve: peter, thank you very much. live report from copley square. geraldo rivera is with us. >> good looking kid. >> steve: he is a good reporter as well. thank you. we're learning more about a couple of the -- they're not accomplice, but it sounds like some of his friends did try to help the younger of the bomber brothers where they cleaned up his dorm room, one of the knapsacks that had fireworks, that had the explosives taken out, they threw it in the garbage. one of the guys, interestingly enough, he was in this country on a student visa. all right? wasn't going to school. came back to the country, even though he wasn't in school, you know, the department of homeland security, super computer said, let him back in on an expired visa. janet napolitano says everything is fine. but that's a problem. >> it is a problem. first of all, the kid on the right, he's american born, an american citizen. he's not part of this
5:07 am
discussion. you're absolutely right about the two kids from kazakhstan. you know how passionate i am about comprehensive immigration reform and how -- >> steve: nobody more. >> written two books on it and how excited i was about the gang of eight compromise. one of the things i lamented in the immediate aftermath of this bombing is my certain knowledge that what happened there was going to gum up what seemed like pure progress for the immigration reform bill. and sure enough, it has happened. now, has it happened fairly or unfairly? it has happened fairly in this regard following up on what you just said on the kid overstaying the visa. there is clearly a problem with overstays. we had the classic image of the undocumented immigrant, a mexican kid climbing over the wall or swimming across the rio grande. but as it turns out, 40% of the 11 million, according to the "wall street journal," aren't
5:08 am
the southern border penetrators, they come on a student visa and then never leave. if you come on a student visa and are thrown out as one of these kids was, your visa should be void at that point. and if you don't tow the mark or don't attend your classes, again, your student visa should be void. in both these case, both these kids arguably should have been given the heave ho. one proposal in terms of comprehensive immigration reform is that just as we know who comes into the country on the student visas or these other temporary visas, we should know who leaves the country. we're a lot better at the entrance than the exit. >> gretchen: it's problematic of every government program, that there is tons of waste and tons of mistakes and not enough oversite. you could talk about this with almost every government program with regard to fraud, waste, mistakes, and then you add to that this supposed watch list, this tide list that has 850,000
5:09 am
people that they're supposed to be looking at, the f.b.i., the c.i.a., the department of homeland security. is that list too big to actually be keeping our country safe? >> you remember i sat on this couch and complained bitterly how i was on the terrorist no fly list and then we did stories about it and we humiliated the department of homeland security and still i go to the airport and i was on the no fly list. clearly they have to edit it. clearly they have to have more interagency communication. they have to cross reference it and they have to see who really represents a potential danger and who are just people here who are benign and enjoying america without proper documentation, clearly. >> steve: the geraldo show this weekend is must see tv because you get to sit down in an interview with two of the attorneys representing the benghazi whistle blowers. we're learning this morning more information about what may havel state department testimony. were there people who were told to keep quiet, to not come
5:10 am
forward, to not give any testimony because they were -- they didn't have some clearance, they didn't get the authorization. now a new report looking at all of this. geraldo, you had a chance to sit down with the two attorneys. tell us what we can expect. >> there was an accountability review board chaired by two prominent people, thomas pickerring and mike mullen, admiral mike mullen, the former friend of the joint chiefs of staff. so you have these two people. the administration, the obama administration could always point to their accountability review board, say yes, this was a tough report. yes, they said everything and clearly while we may have had some failings, nobody was guilty of any malicious intent, nobody kept anything from the american public. that has always been the obama administration's defense. everybody that had to be was interviewed. all the relevant testimony was gathered. awe the facts and circumstances understood. and it's a damning indictment, they should have had better security, they should have known more immediately what was happening on the tragic night of
5:11 am
the attacks. they should have had a better investigation following it. that was always the defense. now come my friends, my long-term friends, joe and victoria. joe, former united states attorney for the district of columbia, victoria, former reagan era justice department official, they say they represent people in the united states state department who want desperately to give testimony, whose testimony would change the official narrative, but that their clients were prevented from testifying. i think you have joe and victoria saying it. >> the accountability review board that was conducted by am bass gore pickerring and admiral mullen will be proven to have been a cover-up, one of the worst jobs ever done in the history of governmental reporting. didn't even interview the secretary of state for their report. and how you can do a benghazi investigation and not interview
5:12 am
the secretary of state and not interview a series of people who were intimately involved in benghazi, asked to be interviewed and were declined to be interviewed. the benghazi report by pickerring and mullen is a cover-up. >> i can assure you that i have a client. i can assure you that at some point, maybe even next week, my client will be testifying. the things that my client will be saying will be contradictory to what the administration's scenario was about 9-11-12. >> the oversight committee is next wednesday. their hearing. we're also hearing reports now that three al-qaeda operatives may have been involved in the benghazi attacks. they may have gone to benghazi specifically to participate in those attacks. they later disappeared into the desert and later had taken part in the algerian gas facility
5:13 am
attack that the french crushed ultimately. so this story, far from over, is just now beginning. >> steve: we'll be watching your exclusive interview this weekend on "at large." >> i'll be be there, 10 eastern saturday night. >> steve: thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, plastic just found in some of the most popular frozen pizzas, now a huge recall underway. what you need to know. we'll tell you. >> clayton: americans are doing what the government did. how one community saved an air show that was canceled thanks to the sequester [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. bring your own lettuce. byol. and we'll dress it up with grilled chicken. crunchy veggies. fruits, dressings and crispy noodles. new lean cuisine salad additions. just byol. find us in frozen.
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5:17 am
>> gretchen: wow, look how quick they built that. remember when the president said you didn't build that? americans are doing what the government can't, like one organization pitching in to make sure its annual festival air show goes on after the blue angels wings were clipped over budget cuts and sequester. joining me to explain from seattle is the seattle sea fair festival ceo, beth knox. good morning to you, bright and early. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so you have been doing this show for so long and i know people who come to it love to see the blue angels. tell me about the bad news you got one day recently. >> the blue angels have been a part of sea fare for over 40 years and a fan favorite in seattle. this festival really belongs to the people here and when we heard the news that the blue angels would not be performing at any air shows throughout the
5:18 am
country this year, we knew that we had to do something to make sure that the fans got a quality air show with a headliner performance jet team. so before we even heard the news that the blue angels were officially grounded, we had already contacted a private performance jet team called the patriots. and they had -- they're down in california and agreed to participate in the air show. so we had confirmed them at that time once we got the news that the blue angels canceled, we already had the patriots in place. >> gretchen: wow. you sound pretty pro-active. i thought we weren't allowed to build stuff. how did do you that and what are the people who come to the show going to be able to see at the show? will the patriots be the same? >> the patriots are a different team. they fly different jets. but they are a performance jet team that will perform the fast pace formation flying that
5:19 am
people are accustomed to. really there is nothing that can replace the blue angels. they are a special group. but the patriots will certainly be an entertaining show that will allow people down along the shores of lake washington and even out on their boats on lake washington to watch the show. for us, that financial commitment to bring in the patriots was worth it, to make sure that the fans had the kind of show they're expecting. >> gretchen: that's what i was going to ask you, is how are you going to pay for it? >> well, this was a financial decision that our nonprofit organization had to make, that we don't want to have the public say there is no reason to come to the sea fare if our favorite performance jet team isn't there. so we wanted to fill that void and we already have a world class air show. so to have a headliner that could fill in that gap was important to us. so we decided to take that risk. >> gretchen: all right. so if you live out in the seattle area, no worries. they're still going to have a
5:20 am
fantastic air show and keep the tradition going. beth knox, president and ceo of sea fare, thank you for joining us, have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> gretchen: coming up, a shocking story, a teen-ager hits a referee, punches the referee during a soccer game. that ref now in a coma and the team is locked up. quite a story. and they're the next generation of fair and balanced journalists. how these college kids just scored $20,000. wow. congrats ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. from the brand doctors recommend most. i'my body doesn't work the way it used to.
5:21 am
past mprime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? i don't think so. new great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. new great grains protein blend.
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5:23 am
>> clayton: welcome back. the nation's biggest bunker
5:24 am
buster bomb reportedly getting a makeover to destroy iran's heavily guarded top nuclear site. the updates include upgraded guidance systems for precision and equipment that let's it evade iranian air defenses. major recall, nestle pizza company is recalling some of its popular brands of frozen pizza after reports of small pieces of plastic were found in the pies. all of the recalled pizzas were made between february 26 and march 9. steve? >> steve: thank you. ♪ . >> steve: the winners are in for the in connection with news college challenge. students from all across the country produced their own fair and balanced news stories. take a look at this year's winning report. >> the new york city horse carriages have been a staple of manhattan since the 1950s. >> i think it's part of the history and it's a great thing that people enjoy.
5:25 am
>> the central park icon could soon become a thing of the past. a nonprofit organization called ny class is spear head ago movement to get the horses off the streets. >> steve: at that is a great story. and it's a winner now, too. joining us right now are those young journalists from hofstra university, along with their professor, the proud jamie cohen. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: shannon, you actually enlisted this team to go ahead and submit something for the fox college challenge, right? >> yes, i did. i was actually on-line looking for internships and i stumbled upon the challenge and i realized there was enough time for me to get a team together and i found julia and meghan and we came up with a concept and just got started. >> steve: what did you do? >> i was the reporter. i wrote the script and did concept building with julia and reported. >> steve: julia, how much fun was this, putting this together? >> this was so much fun. when shannon first told me about
5:26 am
it, i was so excited and i instantly said yes without even thinking about it. and we had a lot of fun, just organizing it, picking the story, figuring out what we were going to do and seeing it all come together. >> steve: suddenly it looks really easy, doesn't it? you just got to do one story and all of a sudden you're on television talking about this award you just won. >> yeah. it was a really great experience. i shot and edited the footage. they came up with a really great story. it was really easy to tell visually. it was really fun, too. >> steve: jamie, i understand this could be the first time anybody from hofstra has actually entered the fox news college challenge. >> i think this is the first time and on the first shot won off the bat. incredibly talented girls. >> steve: i got a feeling this is not going to be the last time because there is money involved! [ laughter ] congratulations. i'm going to challenge my inner ed mcman and jamie, for hofstra, $10,000. very nice. and the other 10,000 goes to
5:27 am
meghan and shannon and julia. i know that you are graduating soon and you need that money. >> thank you. >> steve: congratulations. really, really great. you'll read more about it at >> thank you. >> steve: meanwhile, you've seen this mug shot. now we're seeing reese witherspoon in action. cover your ears, girls. >> i'm a u.s. citizen. i'm allowed to stand on american soil and ask any question i want to ask. >> come on. >> you better not arrest me. >> yes, ma'am. >> are you kidding me? >> no. >> steve: the rest of that must watch dash cam video straight ahead. and live from churchill downs, anna kooiman in a big pink hat. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. good morning to everybody at home. we're teaching everyone how to eat and drink like a ken condition derby vip. we're work on sop signature barbecue shrimp coming up right after this break
5:28 am
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5:31 am
>> steve: fox business alert monthly jobs number. april unemployment rate now at 7.5%. that is down from 7.6 in march. 165,000 jobs were added in the month of january. that's more than expected. "fox business" network's nicole petallides will be by in a couple of minutes for a look at
5:32 am
what this means as americans continue to look for work and the big question would be as well, how many americans dropped out of the work force? that helped the number go down? >> gretchen: on its face, it's a good number. a well respected pennsylvania doctor collapses in her home. we're learning she had toxic levels of cyanide in her blood. she was rushed to the hospital where she worked, but could not be saved. homicide detectives are investigating how she was poisoned and say they don't believe she took her own life. police are searching her home and have issued subpoenas to track the movement of cyanide in and out of the lab where her husband worked as well. >> steve: soccer referee is in a coma after a 17-year-old player punched him in the face. right now 46-year-old ricardo portillo is in critical condition. he suffered swelling in his brain. his family says he called the teen for a foul and gave him a yellow card. that's when the kid, furious over the call, ran over and
5:33 am
punched him. that teen now in juvenile detention. >> if he spends time in jail or forever, it's not enough. they're not going to bring my daddy back. >> steve: meanwhile, doctors are doing all they can to save his life. >> clayton: sequester forcing head start programs to close early. but that didn't stop leaders from attending an expensive conference. the head start program meant to help low income students at school, were closed ten days early in some states as a result of the sequester. meanwhile, leaders took place in a training conference that cost $753,000. >> steve: that doesn't seem right. >> clayton: organizers in massachusetts planning a parade to protest the program cuts on may 31. gretchen? >> gretchen: and tmz obtained the police dash cam video of actress reese witherspoon's arrest last month in atlanta and it's less than oscar worthy
5:34 am
performance. well, what she said. but it sounds kind of like an actress. >> i'd like to know what's going on. >> he's under arrest. >> i'm a u.s. citizen. i'm allowed to stand on the ground and ask any question i ask. you better not arrest me. are you kidding me? >> no. >> i'm an american citizen. being arrested and handcuffed? >> yes. >> do you know my name, sir? >> don't care to know. >> you don't need to know? >> not quiet. >> okay. you're about to find out who i am. >> clayton: how do you know tmz had that video? >> gretchen: yesterday she pleaded no contest to the april 19 arrest and will pay a $213 fine. her husband, jim, he pled guilty to dui and will not do any jail time. she has since apologized for her behavior. >> steve: yeah. it was stupid what she did, but trying to make amends. meanwhile, we have an extreme weather alert in southern california. this is a live look in ventura
5:35 am
county where a massive wildfire is raging out of control scorching at least 8,000 acres in less than 24 hours. this tape shows the flames forcing the evacuation of houses and the university as well. so will firefighters be getting any relief from the weather today? maria molina out on the plaza in her kentucky derby hat, big question out there, is any rain and what about the wind? >> unfortunately, no rain expected out across parts of southern california. i believe that's actually farm equipment as well exploding on that video. we're expecting strong winds yet again -- yesterday they were gusting up to 60 miles per hour. some areas in excess of 60 miles per hour. that will be possible again today. we do have a number of red flag warnings in effect. red flag warnings in effect across southeastern arizona. warm temperatures and very low humidity. we had a very dry winter as well across this area. that's really why we have that elevator fire danger. temperatures, hot day. 93 for your high in phoenix. take a look at minneapolis. only 44 for your high.
5:36 am
41 over in kansas city. and in new orleans, 68 for your high temperature. we still do have that front that we're tracking, producing snow as far south as arkansas. they actually set a record out there because they never had seen snow during may. they did see that with this storm system. that set a record. look at some totals. up to 28 inches in parts of colorado. of course, tomorrow the big day, kentucky derby, we are looking at that chance for rain, about 90% chance of seeing some showers during the evening hours when the race is expected to start. 59 degrees for the temperature at about 6:24 p.m. eastern time. of course, the weather not so cooperative out here. you guys look great. a little breezy. not the best day to wear a hat. but much better in kentucky for today. >> steve: indeed. >> gretchen: thanks very much. i think i'm going to trade with clayton. >> clayton: is this a little more feminine? >> gretchen: the red and gold might come off better.
5:37 am
>> clayton: will thank will go better with my -- this will go better with my bikini. >> gretchen: that looks fantastic on you. i like it. is that a trainer hat? >> steve: that's a flat hat. my dad wears this kind of hat every day. it's like our guy behind camera one. >> clayton: you look like a caddy, or should be selling papers on the street. >> gretchen: anna kooiman has a preview of the kentucky derby. >> good morning. you look great. steve, i i you look like you're in a broadway show and clayton, you look like little bo peep. and maria's hat is very in this year. a lot of the girls are wearing the black hats. i decided to go with the pink. of course, it's not all about horse racing. it definitely is about the fashion and also the food. the executive chef here at churchill downs, chef jojo joining us. >> thanks for having me today. >> you're making our signature barbecue shrimp.
5:38 am
>> started with white wine, reduce it down, with louisiana hot sauce, then we cook it into a deliciousness. >> that's a technical term? >> deliciousness, yes. it's a technical term. we're feeding over 130,000 people today here. 165,000 people tomorrow. >> it's not just peanuts and crackerjacks. >> no. we start with the hot dogs from the crackerjacks, all the way to the filet. ours is signature shrimp. >> from the infield? >> millionaires row. >> a lot of people at home are having derby parties. we'll put the recipes on our web site. >> we've got some great stuff here. this year we pickled over 3,000 pounds of different vegetables. green beans, carrots and cauliflower with a sweet ginger sauce. we roasted over 4,000 pounds of asparagus with white balsamic reduction. you talk about good eats. >> it's good eats, but also good drinks.
5:39 am
the signature drink for the kentucky derby. this is a mint julep, and the oak littlery. had thank is a vodka drink. >> yes. a black berry. we have a great partnership at churchill with susan g. komen. we donate over $90,000 with horses for hope. we added butter. >> can i taste? >> if you went in it like that, you're kind of brave. just stir the butter. wow. you're really diving into that. i love it. >> steve: anna, what time too they start hitting the mint juleps? >> he's asking what time do you have to start making the mint juleps? >> we serve 140,000, 70,000 will go up the hour before the kentucky derby runs. >> local fresh mint?
5:40 am
>> we bought over 8,000 fresh mint. >> finger licking good. >> gretchen: thanks so much. >> clayton: thanks. we want to thank jj hats for their wonderful hats. >> steve: they're fantastic. >> gretchen: now that we figured out which ones look better. have you ever had a mint julep? i had a one a couple years ago. oh, my goodness. it's not quite the minty fresh taste you think you're going to get when you just had it described to you as a mint julep. >> clayton: it's not a subtle drink. >> gretchen: no, no. >> steve: but if you lost money at the track, it's exactly what you are looking for. >> gretchen: coming up, state declared obamacare is a crime and if workers try to enforce it, they could be tossed into jail? >> steve: and then mr. hat, the six letters that created a twitter explosion. >> clayton: who collected 150,000 follow increase two hours? stick around for that. now it's time to get serious. i toss it to my co-host.
5:41 am
>> steve: you must be very proud of your tv husband. >> gretchen: yeah. i am. >> the little bo peep analogy was apt, i think. here he comes. i'm really not quite this tall on television. >> what's coming up this weekend, little bo peep? >> magic of television is revealed. let me tell you what's happening because clayton got his hands on a pair of google glasses, interesting and he's going to show us all how they work and what they can do. >> it's the future. x-ray vision, and can jet collectors come after you for $9? the scary answer is yes. how the smallest debt can spiral into huge problems and how to fix it. what's happening on sunday? >> cinco de mayo. so more alcohol. burritos are on the menu on "fox & friends." >> the best combinations.
5:42 am
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5:46 am
state senate. and who is in the house? billionaire investor, the oracle of omaha, warren buffet, first tweet, warren is in the house, leading to more than 115,000 follow increase two hours. it's way past that morning. >> gretchen: more on that fox business alert. the unemployment rate fell to 7.5%. the numbers out just moments ago. joining us from the stock exchange to analyze is nicole petallides from the "fox business" network. good morning to you. what do you make of the numbers? >> good friday morning to you as well. we're taking a look at the numbers. we did see the numbers exceed the analysts' estimates. ultimately good news and we're seeing things going in the right direction. the numbers came in, we added 165,000 jobs. that beat the estimates of 145. it's a four-year low. but what's interesting is despite the fact that we're seeing some jobs added, it doesn't feel like the economy is
5:47 am
booming. you're still seeing some economic indicators such as construction jobs. those are to the down side, manufacturing jobs are virtually flat. the labor participation rate, which we know obviously has been so high and the fact that people aren't looking for jobs -- labor participation rate is at the highest levels that we've seen that nobody is trying to get jobs. they're disgruntled and tired of looking for them. >> clayton: what about the mortgages? we hear about the housing booming. i had heard construction was coming back, but these new numbers show maybe construction isn't coming back like we thought it was. but mortgage rates we're hearing what could even drop again? >> that's right. it's really interesting. so we're checking all these numbers. we're obviously going in the right direction for economic growth, but not that fast. mortgage numbers, we're seeing the 15-year fixed mortgage, those loans, at all-time lows, 2.56%. what an improvement from last
5:48 am
may. of course, our federal reserve, our fed head ben bernanke has been working hard trying to get these numbers down. homeownership is to 65% at this point. but obviously at 2.56%, there will be plenty of people who want to refinance. >> steve: sure. what does that say to you, if homeownership is at very low levels, almost historic low levels, does that mean given the uncertainty people would rather rent than buy or can't afford to buy? >> there is so much that goes into what we've been seeing. so many people are taking jobs they make less and some can't afford to buy. a lot of people have already refinanced. but now you may see the banks start to make more loans to people who want to buy homes. so that may be a trend. there are people, bank rate analyst there says to your point that the rates may even drop lower than what we're seeing now for mortgages. we'll see. >> steve: all right. >> gretchen: nicole petallides,
5:49 am
thanks much. have a great weekend. >> thanks. >> gretchen: if you missed one minute of fox friends finance this weekers you missed a lot. like the car crash i had. >> clayton: is that you in the white car. >> gretchen: well, yes. but i just didn't even feel that. >> clayton: did you take out a pedestrian? knopf no, luckily not. let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> clayton: that was bill hemmer's bike. >> wear the hats, guys. that's the highlight of the day. off favorite for the derby? can you name a horse running? >> clayton: runs with hemmer. >> hello. >> well done. you guys look great. gretchen, i don't know how to explain what's going on there. >> gretchen: thank you for realizing. >> breaking news on the economy on this friday morning. we'll get to all that. the pentagon says north korea is
5:50 am
moving toward a nuclear missile. there is a nasty back and forth in benghazi. what is the truth? who is telling it? we'll talk to a key player. a leading republican senator argues jobs would take off if obamacare was taken off the books. he makes his case a leading democrat will respond. big morning. we'll see you in ten minutes with martha and me here on "america's newsroom" [ male announcer ] with free package pickup from the united states postal service a small jam maker can ship like a big business. just go online to pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. we'll do the rest. ♪ we'll do the rest. until i had the shingles. i have never encountered such a burning sensation... it was like a red rash.
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5:53 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. from parking challenges to kissing santa claus, the laughs didn't stop this week. >> clayton: in case you missed any of it, check this out. >> steve: that could be the worst parallel parking job in history. can we do better? >> slowly turn the wheel.
5:54 am
>> gretchen: brian! go! i beat you! whoopsie daisy. >> this is one time we don't want to win the war. >> steve: hello, mr. gore. global warming? i bought into the whole thing. what happened! >> here goes. >> gretchen: oh, my goodness. i like this guy. all right. >> what just happened? >> gretchen: i have no idea. >> why do i always get these contentious things. >> gretchen: because you're good at them. >> steve: anna kooiman is live in nashville on her sweetest assignment ever. >> oh, no! >> gabby douglas is here. you look good, man. >> thank you very much. >> the lighting must be really special in here. >> which one is of the vice president? this one. >> steve: that's larry hagman. what are you smoking? >> i can't tell you because it's against the law. >> you would change the grade on
5:55 am
your report card? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> married only for the day. just for the day. for right now. >> 'cause he was hoping for the honeymoon. >> gretchen: gentlemen, put down the razors, the brand-new study finds women prefer men with heavy stubble. but it's not good for other things. >> steve: what other things? >> gretchen: kissing. >> oh. >> i'd never kiss someone with a beard, i'll be honest. >> steve: santa. >> maybe i'll come on on a wednesday morning with a little stubble. >> gretchen: bring the sofa. >> come on, we can't say gretchen is a pretty woman with nice legs. >> how dare you? >> gretchen: thank you. >> good, good. great. great. >> steve: what a week. and as anna joins us, the good news for us is ford, the motor company, saw us doing the parallel park, they're going to be here on monday to give us lessons in how to do it.
5:56 am
>> gretchen: no way. >> steve: it's true. >> clayton: does insurance cover your accident? >> how about getting the dings out of the car. did we figure out whose car that was? >> gretchen: can my friday parking experience count as the monday one? >> clayton: no. the whole reason they're fly not guilty is to help us. >> gretchen: come on, clayton of the go with me on this one. all right. >> clayton: good thing it wasn't a brick wall. >> gretchen: i'll sit in the passenger site. >> another day at work. >> clayton: can you see above the window? >> we were actually talking above that. i couldn't drive because i couldn't see. >> steve: did you sit on a booster? we'll be right back from new york and churchill downs. look what mommy is having.
5:57 am
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>> steve: have a great weekend, everybody. join him and anna tomorrow. >> gretchen: and alisyn and tucker. got breaking news. first off, reports of a u.s. military plane crashing in kyrgyzstan. the pentagon is not confirming a crash but we're hearing from sources that contact was lost with a kc-135 aircraft. the plane reportedly breaking into three pieces. rescue teams called to the scene. no word of survivors. that country host as key base used for our troops moving in and out of the war in afghanistan. more breaking news. new numbers for the month of april on the economy. employers adding 167,000 jobs. unemployment rate ticks down a notch to 7.5%. that is a rate we have not seen now in about four years. there is a lot to go through


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